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Choosing To Invest In Education

After I graduated from high school, I decided to skip the whole college thing and start working. I did alright as a receptionist, but I really wanted something more challenging and dynamic. I decided to think about investing in my education by enrolling at a local trade school, and it was really amazing to see my journey unfold. I was able to choose a career path that really worked with my personality, and it was incredible to feel like I was worth something. This blog is for anyone out there who isn't sure whether or not they should invest in their education.


4 Tips To Help Your Child Get Accepted Into A Private Preschool

As more parents realize the importance of early childhood education, gaining entrance into private preschools has become more competitive. As a result, some parents are having to settle for preschools that do not offer as many benefits as they would like. Here are some tips to help improve your child's chances of being accepted into a top-notch private preschool.

Research the Application Process

Although obtaining the application for entrance might seem the easiest step of the admissions process, it can sometimes be more difficult than you might expect. Some schools only have applications available during certain periods. Some even require you to apply before your child is even born. 

Once you know which schools you are interested in, contact an admissions counselor and find out what you need to do to obtain an application. 

Stress Your Relationships Within the Community

If you have friends or family members who have children currently or previously enrolled in the preschool, use this to your advantage. It is not uncommon for schools to take into consideration potential students who attend the same church or belong to the same organizations as other students. 

Ask the parents to write a letter of recommendation for your child. A letter that states your child would be a good fit for the school can help further the admissions process. 

Enroll in Other Programs

Some private preschools offer other programs that are open to the community. If the preschool in which you are interested in has programs, sign your child up for one. For instance, if the school offers a summer program to help children prepare for preschool, sign up for it. 

By signing up for the program, you give the school's officials a chance to become familiar with your child and you. You might even get the chance to reserve a spot in the next preschool class as a result. 

Follow Up with the School

After attending an open house or interviewing with an admissions counselor, it is imperative that you write a follow-up letter to the school. Thank the school officials for the tour of the school and assure them that the school has the values in which your family is interested. You also need to stress that the school is your first choice. The letter is not merely an exercise in manners. It can help your child's application stand out among all of the ones that the school receives.